DUII Is An Abbreviation For The Charge Of Driving Under The Influence Of Intoxicants

Interviewer: What does DUII stand for?

John Reade: Driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Both Drugs and Alcohol Are Considered Intoxicants

Interviewer: Does that include both alcohol and drugs or medications?

John Reade: Correct, intoxicants would be alcohol, and any type of non-prescription or prescription medication.

Interviewer: Just to get an idea of how many DUII cases you do on a regular basis. How many DUII cases do you think you dealt with last year alone?

John Reade: At least 12 cases.

Interviewer: Now, is there a typical DUII defendant that you deal with?

Any Driver Is Subject to a DUII Charge

John Reade: My clients are males, females, white or blue collar, and all different occupations. I wouldn’t say there is a typical DUII client.

Interviewer: Over the years I understand that a lot of traffic laws, especially DUII laws, have changed. In your experience, and in the past few years, have you noticed that people’s habits or behaviors have changed or do you think they have remained the same?

John Reade: I have not noticed any significant change.

Interviewer: Between males and females, are there any patterns that differ between them, between men and women?

John Reade: I would not say so.

Most DUII Charges Originate Later in the Day, after 5 PM

Interviewer:   Are there any patterns that you notice about time of day, or could it happen at any time?

John Reade: It could happen at any time, but more often than not it is usually after work, or later in the evening, that a person gets stopped and/or arrested for driving under the influence.  Not all the time, but probably more often than other hours during the day.

Are There Any Differences in the Way Men and Women DUII Defendants Are Treated?

Interviewer: I want to go back to the idea of just the person or individual. How does a prosecutor deal with this person? Do they treat women and men differently? Do they have any bias between people, as far as the prosecution goes?

The Judges and the Prosecutors Usually Have A Standard Sentence on a Driving Under The Influence Conviction, Depending on the Prior Driving Under The Influence Convictions of the Driver

John Reade: No. In Josephine County, just like a lot of other counties, the judges got together with members of the district attorney’s office, and decided that they were going to have fairly standard sentences they would impose based upon if this was the person’s first driving under the influence conviction, second one, third one, and so on.

Sentences are usually fairly standard, and fall within a certain parameter or range. Under certain exceptional circumstances, a standard sentence might change. The sentence that is imposed if you are convicted, and whether you have no prior DUII convictions or one or more prior DUII convictions.

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