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While this is not legal advice it does suggest some ways to view bankruptcy and criminal law.


Answer: Some try to characterize filing bankruptcy as ‘just filling out forms’. That’s just as true as seeing tax preparation as ‘just filling out forms,’ and tax forms come with written instructions for the non professional. Bankruptcy forms do not come with instructions on how to properly fill them out. The forms also do not come with legal advice. In addition, the bankruptcy laws changed significantly in the year 2005.

Criminal Defense

Answer: Generally, the sooner a criminal defense attorney is brought into a criminal case or investigation, the better the potential results can be for you. Do not take a wait-and-see approach to a criminal situation. Do not try to get answers to questions about your legal rights and legal status from a police officer or a prosecutor since they want to prosecute and convict you. Do not gamble while your freedom is at stake!

Answer: You are innocent until you are proven guilty. An experienced criminal defense attorney may think that the evidence against you is not enough to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, or one or more of your constitutional rights may have been violated.

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Q. Other charges include probation violation and parole violation.

A. If your roommate drove two times that night, and was stopped each of the two times, then he/she could be charged with two driving under the influence charges.

Q. I’m in 3 year program in CA but OR do not honor CA programs should I go to OR and turn myself in. Do I need a attorneys I can say the police were waiting for me because my ex called them so how should get my life back?

A. You should definitely get an attorney licensed to practice law in Oregon, and who does driving under the influence cases. You should be aware that in Oregon upon a third conviction for Driving under the influence that your right to drive in Oregon is permanently revoked, which means you cannot ask for an Oregon license back or drive in Oregon for 10 years; and after 10 years the decision to give you an Oregon license back or allow you to drive in Oregon is within a judge’s discretion.

There also may or may not be what is called a motion to suppress issue (i.e. whether the police officer could legally stop you).

Q. It’s a federal case with substantial amounts of heroin.

A. The federal sentencing guidelines are used by a federal judge to sentence someone convicted of a federal crime. Based on what you said, if you are convicted you probably would serve some prison time. However, I do not practice federal criminal law so you need to get an attorney who does federal criminal cases.


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