High-Income Bankruptcy

Interviewer: Let’s discuss high-income bankruptcies. Do you encounter clients that have high incomes that still need to file?

John Reade: In that situation, a high-income-earning individual(s) may be forced to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. An attorney who does bankruptcy work might say, “You cannot file a Chapter 7 because of your income; so will have to file a Chapter 13.” A bankruptcy attorney should also explain the advantages and disadvantages of filing a Chapter 13, and the non-bankruptcy alternatives. This way, a client(s) can make an informed decision as far as what is in their best financial interest.

In Oregon, Attorneys Must be admitted to the Federal District of Oregon to Handle Bankruptcies in Federal Court

John Reade: An attorney has to be admitted to the Federal District of Oregon, in order to be able to handle bankruptcies in federal court in Oregon. I am admitted to the Federal District of Oregon.

Interviewer: Are there any associations you are a part of?

John Reade: I am a required member of the Oregon State Bar, and the Debtor-Creditor section of the Oregon State Bar.

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