How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Drug Case?

Interviewer: How long will a typical drug case generally last?

John Reade: If there are no motions to suppress issue(s), and no trial, then potentially from start to finish it could take 30 to 60 days.


Interviewer: What are some ways that cases actually get dismissed?

John Reade: If you win a motion to suppress argument, and all or certain evidence can not be used against that person, then the charge or charges will in all likelihood be dismissed. If the person is granted a conditional discharge (i.e. a drug diversion) and they successfully complete their conditional discharge, then the charge will be dismissed.

They also have, in Josephine County, what is called drug court. Usually, if the person goes into drug court, which is an intensive monitoring program, then one or more charges will usually be dismissed upon the successful completion of drug court.

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