Should You Ever Plead Guilty and Expect to Receive Mercy from the Court? Or Should You Always Defend Any Charges?

Interviewer: Have you ever worked with clients that they automatically think that their guilty? Should people try to throw themselves on the mercy of the court or should they fight the charges? What would you say is the best advice in that situation?

It Is Always Advisable to Retain an Attorney If You Are Facing Criminal Charges

John Reade: They should get an attorney. If the attorney is experienced in doing criminal defense they know the deputy district attorneys or the prosecutors. So they know what biases they have, let’s say. What influences them, maybe what doesn’t influence them.

They know what’s important to them and what’s not important to them. Number two, is obviously the attorneys they have the education, and if they’ve done a lot of criminal defense law, the experience to know how to approach certain issues.

Whether there are legal issues or factual issues in a case, an experienced attorney also knows how to present them properly before a judge. I just had a case I came back from court today on. The person was tried with driving under the influence, reckless driving and criminal mischief, and I was making two legal arguments in court on his behalf. Afterwards, he said just said to me, “I don’t know how people could possibly represent themselves. You just knew all these things that I would have no clue about how to approach that or proceed.”

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