Client Testimonials

Bankruptcy Testimonials

“John, I want to take a moment to thank you for handling my bankruptcy. The way you explained everything up front, handled finding all the places I owed money (and never would have thought of) made sure that it was an easy (for me) experience. Having you with me in court made the whole affair a lot easier. The weight taken off my mind of all the bills I owed was such a relief. I’m on my way to a better credit rating and hope to be able to buy a home in a few years after it is rebuilt. All thanks to your dedication and professionalism. My son recommended you to me, and I will carry it on and recommend you to anyone in the future that may require your dependable services. Thanks again,” – Bruce Wilson.

“Mr. John Reade was my bankruptcy attorney. He was a significant reason why I made it through this very difficult time. He advised me correctly and was instrumental in protecting my best interests. He has been there for me when there were questions and situations that needed his expert advice. I appreciate that very much and recommend him to you for sound direction while entering the murky waters of bankruptcy.”Tamera T.

“What a scary thing it was to go through (a bankruptcy) with all of the creditors hounding us. To get the job done right there’s nothing like hiring a specialist. That’s what we found out when we hired John E Reade, Attorney-at-Law, specializing in bankruptcies. John and his legal secretary, what a team! They got everything done the right way so that there were no problems. Everything was checked 2-3 or more times between the two of them. What about the fees? Well, we know that attorneys don’t come cheap but what we paid him only amounted to 4% of our total indebtedness and now we are free and clear with everything. Don’t wait like we did, get this thing done now. – Bob Reed

“Attorney John Reade made filing bankruptcy a breeze. I am grateful for his calm, collected demeanor and his clear and articulate dictation. John is well versed and experienced with bankruptcy cases as demonstrated with the success of my chapter 7. Despite the process being daunting, John and his team made each step of the way easy.

There are many $89 bankruptcy ads on google as soon as you start looking, however you soon learn that the pasture is not so green on the other side. Having to do all the paperwork yourself is not only extremely stressful, but also poses a much higher risk of an unsuccessful filing. John’s rates were clearly stated up front and I was very happy with the total cost of filing. To have a superhero with a great reputation on your side doing all of your work for you is priceless.

Another positive experience I had was that I mistakenly gave John the wrong phone number and address for a creditor. John and his team promptly contacted me and remedied the situation. These quick feedback loops and constant communication gave me comfort knowing that things were moving along and if there was a snag, I was notified soon there after.

I recommend John for those who are looking to file bankruptcy correctly the first time and to do so with peace of mind.” – Bankruptcy Client

Criminal Defense and DUII Testimonials

“Mr. Reade’s knowledge of the law and his dealings with the DA has enabled me to enjoy my freedom, rather than spend time in prison. He represented me and I was very happy with the results. He exceeded my expectations. He and his office staff were very courteous and answered all my questions and settled my case in a timely manner. I highly recommend John Reade to be your attorney.” – Anthony M.

“I didn’t imagine myself ever being in a spot to require an attorney but, when trouble found me, I found John and he kept me out of it.” – A​ ​C​riminal Defense​ C​lient.

“John talked to me like an equal, spoke to me in terms I could understand, and was very friendly. He got my case resolved quickly, and efficiently and I was very impressed with his professionalism. John was available when I needed him, and would respond quickly to phone calls, etc. I thought his cost was reasonable, and fair. John will be my first call for future legal matters.”A Criminal Defense Client.

“When I needed legal advice quickly, John Reade got me in the office that day. He was professional, diligent, and personable. He was able to give me the legal advice and represent me when I needed it. I would highly recommend his services.”A Criminal Defense Client.

General Testimonials

“If as a wise individual, you seek quality legal representation, you need look no further. John Edward Reade is a highly qualified attorney, with strong moral character, and the demeanor for excellent legal counsel. As a business owner for over thirty three years in the construction field, I have found his abilities to handle legal situations that affected me directly, in a sound, and required manner. I highly recommend him to anyone.”Douglas D.

“John has been our attorney for personal and business dealings for 16 years. We find him to be very personable and professional in all legal matters, and we have given out many recommendations for his services.”David and Donna T.

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