What Are Qualities to Look for before Retaining an Attorney?

Interviewer: Why should people hire you versus anyone else?

John Reade: I have a lot of experience. I am very accessible. I think it is important to return phone calls on a prompt basis. If someone has a question–as their attorney–you need to answer their question. If someone has a concern, you need to promptly address that concern. I work diligently on every case.  I will do my best, and am very thorough so nothing is missed.

Make Sure the Attorney You Retain is the Attorney Handling Your case and not some other attorney, or associate attorney

Interviewer: When people hire you, they get you; there are no associates or underlings that will be working on their case or appear in court with them?

John Reade: Correct. I am not handing a client’s case off to someone hoping that they do a good job.  I am there for and with each and every one of my clients, from start to finish.

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