What Are The Different Types Of Drugs Commonly Being Used?

Interviewer: What kind of drugs are being found, are being distributed, and are people getting arrested for. What sort of drugs are they?

John Reade: I would say it would generally be marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.

Interviewer: Which is the most common out of those?

John Reade: Probably marijuana.

Drug Trends & Laws

Interviewer: How long have you been working with drug cases, and what changes in drug use have you seen over the years?

John Reade: Laws have changed as far as what they call a “substantial quantity.” The potential penalties for someone who has a substantial quantity of drugs has increased and the potential penalties for delivery and manufacture of drugs have changed over the years. There are now more serious consequences, than there used to be.

Interviewer: Would you compare it to times in the 90s and 80s? Are your clients hardened criminals or can they be everyday kinds of people?

John Reade: They can be everyday kinds of people, especially as far as possession cases and even small delivery cases. That has been my experience.


Interviewer: Is there a typical age range? Are you seeing more people in their 20s or people in their 30s or 40s? Are there more male or females?

John Reade: I do not see any particular age range. I have had young clients and older clients. I generally do not see too many seniors, as far as drug cases. As far as male or female, I see both. I might say statistically, it seems like maybe you see more males than females. I still see plenty of males and females, and people of all ages generally.

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