What Qualities Should You Look for in an Attorney Who Does Criminal Defense Cases?

Interviewer: When someone is looking for an attorney, what are some qualities they should look for and at the same time what are some red flags?

Look for an Attorney That Has Defended Cases, For the Charges You are Facing

John Reade:  I would say someone who has experience and has repeatedly represented numerous people with the same crime with which you are charged. It is best to look for an attorney not only experienced practicing criminal law but experience with that particular type of charge or charges.

Interviewer: Could an attorney guarantee victory in a DUII or any other type of Criminal case?

Avoid Retaining an Attorney That Promises a Guaranteed Outcome

John Reade:  No. Anyone that guarantees a result should be avoided at all costs. That is just puffery. I always tell my client the only things guaranteed in life is death and taxes. I guarantee that I will do my best and I will be very diligent and thorough. No one can guarantee anything that involves variables that he does not control – period. I will, however, give my client my opinion. I can say whether you have an excellent chance of winning, a good chance, a fair chance if the matter goes to trial.

The Attorney Should be Able to Provide You With a Scenario of How The Case Can be Resolved

Interviewer: Can you give clients an idea of how the case will play out? Can you give them possible scenarios?

John Reade:  In most cases, based upon their prior criminal record or no prior criminal record, the charges and the facts in the case, I can tell clients, this is probably your worst case scenario, and this is probably your best case scenario. I can usually give my clients a pretty good educated guess as to what might happen in their case and I’m usually pretty close to being right.

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