What Should You Look For When Hiring An Attorney For Your Drug Case?

Interviewer: Now, when someone is put in a situation where they have a pending drug case and they want to seek the assistance of a private attorney and they’re Googling information or they’re going online and they’re researching, what are some qualities that someone should be looking for as far as what sort of qualifications or what aspects of an attorney should someone be looking out for when it comes to their pending drug case? At the same time, what are some red flags that they want to watch out for when it comes to an attorney?

John Reade: The most important thing is that the attorney has experience handling a number of drug cases, and motion to suppress issues on drug cases. Basically experience in handling the type of drug charges. In addition, knowing the deputy district attorney you are dealing with as far as what their biases or predilections are as far as drug cases go, can help.

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